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Star Wars, Classic (ultimate Sticker Books)

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Star Wars Classic
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Author: DK Publishing

The author is DK Publishing and the publisher is DK CHILDREN. The was released sometime in 2004. The child's book has 16 pages. The children's book is 0.08"H x 11.04"L x 8.5"W and has a weight of 0.25 lbs. Whilst reading can be something in which everybody of just about any age can engage in, there are surely many different ways which you could make the thrill more pleasant. Some folks proclaim they don't really have time to read, yet reading can also be a wonderful use of time, particularly with the proper child's book. For additional details on this children's book, check out our store add to cart button below.

A menacing Tusken Raider angrily swinging his gaffi stick; Han in classic smuggler garb taking aim with his DL-44; a T-65 X-Wing, strike foils extended, going into a dive: calling this the Ultimate Star Wars Sticker Book isn't really an overstatement. Of course. Natch. In his time-honored pose. With over 60 full-color, well-chosen stickers from the original Star Wars trilogy, DK Publishing has put together a collection of characters, ships, droids, and gadgets that'll please die-hard fans and pint-size sticker freaks alike. DK even came via with cool details on its more unlikely choices, like Boushh's thermal detonator, a TIE Bomber, in addition to a Jawa ionization blaster. Even Leia's sticker is fun, as she sports that blaster-in-hand, come-hither look. Did they include Vader? Billy Dee never looked so good. Lando? --Paul Hughes Boba Fett? The Falcon?


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