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Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #01: Deception

Rating 4 Stars
Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Special Edition

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Jude Watson

The author is Jude Watson and it is published by Scholastic Paperbacks. This book became available in July of 2001. The paperback book is concerning Life on other planets and it is considered fine fiction. This is the Special ed. of the book is 192 pages long. Lucas books. If you prefer a copy of this children's book for your children, check out our affilate button below.

Deep in Obi-Wan's past, a dark secret lurks. Someone is plotting long-awaited revenge, and everything is going to adjust for Obi-Wan and Anakin! a secret that the Jedi Master believed had been forgotten. Now, twenty years later, Obi-Wan senses that there is something unruly about his young apprentice. This captivating story, which takes place in the time period between Episode I and Episode II is a must-read! But the secret has not been forgotten.


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