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Star Wars: Rebel Force #3: Renegade

Rating 4 Stars
Star Wars Rebel Force 3 Renegade

Scholastic Inc.

Author: Alex Wheeler


"Deadly assassin X-7 has infiltrated the Rebel Alliance. Trained by ruthless Commander Rezi, X-7 is the best there is: He feels nothing and sees everything. Now, he's gunning for the ultimate prize: Luke Skywalker, the pilot that destroyed the Death Star. The seemingly clueless kid from Tatooine proves more resourceful and difficult to eliminate than X-7 could ever have imagined. Surrounded by friends and allies, and with a connection to the Force that grows stronger every day, Luke seems all but impervious to the usual tactics. But X-7 isn't done with him yet. This time, he knows to bring Luke down. He'll shatter the trust that holds the Rebel Alliance together and manufacture the ultimate betrayal"--Cover verso.
Your kids will love this great book. The author is Alex Wheeler and it was published in May of 2009 by Scholastic Inc. The mass market paperback children's book features Skywalker, Luke and it is viewed as a very good juvenile fiction. The child's book has 176 pages. The child's book talks about Space warfare and Assassins.


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